Seminar description “DIGITAL RESCUE DAYS”

The DIGITAL RESCUE DAYS are the replacement program for the cancelled RESCUE DAYS 2020 in Munich. In order to ensure that the training is not missed out and that even more rescue workers can continue their training in the field of extrication, we will implement the planned stations as training videos with an additional detailed E-LEARNING.

The videos will be produced together with our instructors and a professional camera team at the original stations of the RESCUE DAYS, so that as much content, tips&tricks and expert knowledge as possible can be provided as an online version. So this course also offers the concentrated load of training and knowledge of RESCUE DAYS at a much lower price!

The following stations are included in the seminar package as video and e-learning:

  • Car under trailer (underride accident worked out with the American method)
  • Truck rescue (special features when rescuing from a truck)
  • Car crossramming (rescue ram usage for re-forming the car body)
  • Car on highway barrier (strong deformation and complex securing)
  • Modern vehicle technology (working with hydraulic rescue equipment on a pilot series)
  • Modern vehicles: passenger cars and trucks (explanation station for structure, alternative drives and safety systems on the latest zero-series vehicles)
  • Securing, stabilizing and lifting (handling heavy loads)
  • Chain rescue (advantages and disadvantages of this alternative rescue technique)

The class price includes 7 training videos (the two stations “Modern vehicle technology” and “Modern vehicles” are combined) for the above mentioned stations with a minimum length of 30 minutes each. In addition, there is an extensive e-learning for each video with which the theoretical knowledge can be taught to the participants themselves. A knowledge check completes the offer and is a basic requirement for the issue of a certificate of participation. Included is also a 1 year update guarantee, which includes all our adaptations and extensions in the booked class.

The online class will be available in the WEBER RESCUE Academy from October 16th, 2020 and can be started, repeated and used to refresh your knowledge at any time. If there is no account for the Academy yet, we will create a new account for each participant on the e-mail address provided with the order. If more than one class is booked, we ask for the e-mail addresses of the other participants in advance. If more than one course is booked, we ask for the e-mail addresses of the other participants in advance.

Important basic information about the course:

  • The e-learning course takes place exclusively online (browser application)
  • After the purchase the customer gets his own personalised login for
  • The course contains 7 individual modules, one for each rescueDAYS station
  • Duration depending on learning pace approx. 7-10 hours
  • All participants will be assigned to both the German and the English course
  • As e-learning, the theory is first dealt with for each station; the participant must read, learn and progress independently. The progress is stored.
  • This is followed by a video of at least 30 minutes that shows and explains the work of the rescueDAYS station step by step
  • This means that the course is intended for an individual person, it makes no sense to do it in groups
  • At the end of the course there is a knowledge check (multiple choice test) and the participant receives a certificate in his/her name
  • The account will also be used later for RESCUEWorld, so please have a separate account for each person!
  • 1-year update guarantee: If we add, supplement or correct further content within one year, these changes will be live.
  • The course is permanently available to every participant (as long as he/she does not delete his/her account) and can be repeated as often as desired.

Available in GERMAN and ENGLISH

License: single person (private use)
Duration: approx. 7-10 hours (depending on your own learning pace)
Language: German and English
Updating: 1 year of free content updates by WEBER RESCUE
Requirement: Free account in the WEBER RESCUE Academy (will be automatically created by us when you purchase your first course, you will receive the access data by e-mail on October 16th, 2020)

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